Argus Mini


The Argus Mini is a small and light ROV. It can be easily transported and mobilized on any small vessel.

ROV designed in standard mode to work up to 600 m deep equipped with an Argus HD camera and 2 Argus 150 W LED lights,

  • 1 x Argus Tilt with position feedback,
  • 1 Argus pitch/roll sensor,
  • 1 Fluxgate compass and a depth sensor with 0.1% FS as standard.

The surface system is equipped with a 19-inch portable rack.

The rack consists of control box with Fiber Mux (Single Mode) system and ROV control system, Megacon isolation protection system, computer with keyboard and mouse, Videologix Proteus video overlay, HD video recorder, quad multiviewer and source power supply for the ROV.

The control console is connected to the Surface control box.

The 32-inch monitor is connected to the system that displays the video camera and the ROV GUI.

The umbilical is supplied with a termination box with fiber connector and power connector so you can very easily disconnect the umbilical from the ROV.

The system requires a 16A / 230VAC power input.

Auxiliary equipment such as sonar, manipulator, cutting tool, brush and different sensors can be connected to the ROV.

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