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Deep Trekker is a Canadian Company. They believe in doing things right, and if for some reason something goes wrong, they say sorry and make it right. Unlike other ROV manufacturers, they don’t have “service hours”; so they are available when customers need them. A senior ROV team member is only an email or phone call away.

When you buy an ROV from Deep Trekker, you buy the team, the ideas, the vision, and the support.


Deep Trekker can be equipped with a variety of subsea tools, manipulators, and equipment.

Why Deep Trekker

The Deep Trekker’s mission is to collaborate and listen to industry leaders to develop the most durable, innovative, and portable underwater ROVs and robotics solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer and solve complex missions.

With over a decade of proven performance, they deliver fully assembled, tested, and ready-to-use submersible robots and remotely operated vehicles.

It’s agile and open to new ideas, they can reinvent what’s possible.

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