It all started in Aberdeen, Scotland in the early 80s, with a small team of design engineers forming Hydro Bond Engineering Ltd in (1982), and Hydrocable Systems Ltd in (1988). Success through product development in the early oil & gas years paved way for continued growth into the defence and marine renewable energy markets. Working together in global connectivity projects and sharing expertise, the two companies were brought together in 2002 with the formation of Hydro Group.

In 2010, Hydro Group invested £4.3m in the construction of a state-of-the-art Aberdeen HQ.

connectivity solutions

Hydro Group leads the way in engineering, design, and manufacture of connectivity solutions, and continue our achievements, innovation, momentum, and success. They are engaged in challenging global projects including solutions for subsea oil & gas structures, floating wind turbines, defence-related innovations and tidal stream connectivity.

Design & Engineering

Engineering Department made up of highly qualified and experienced engineers, mechanics, design engineers, production engineers, electrical engineers and CAD operators.

Bespoke Manufacture

Hydro Group is at the forefront in the manufacture of subsea connectivity products with involvement in R&D, prototype development, project management, and product manufacture. The team manufactures products to the required timelines for the oil and gas, subsea, marine renewable energy and defense industries.

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydro Group has an extensive test facility at its Aberdeen HQ, equipped with the latest optical and electrical pressure testing machinery and testing equipment to ensure accurate results and certification.

Support & Maintenance

Hydro Group offers comprehensive subsea maintenance services, covering cables, connectors, cable glands, terminations and assemblies. Base maintenance and field support for electrical, optical and mechanical terminations, backed by custom-designed terminations and mould tooling to ensure trouble-free installation on site.

Hydro Group Products

Hydro Group is a leader in the subsea industry, offering a comprehensive range of products and services from design and engineering to manufacturing and certification.

Specialising in electrical, optical and hybrid submarine cables, as well as armoured cables, tethers, umbilicals, and submarine TV and video solutions, we guarantee quality and reliability. In addition, we provide EXD-rated fibre optic connectors, connector assemblies and terminations to ensure safe and efficient connections in critical subsea environments.

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