Sale and maintenance of ROV Systems

We are officially distributors of ARGUS ROV A.S. and DEEP TREKKER INC. We find Refurbished ROVs adapted to your needs.

ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicles

ROVs allow us to reach very deep areas that humans cannot reach, and, thanks to the exponential growth they have had in recent decades, the applications, and sectors in which they can be used are very varied.
They are operated from the surface so that the pilot can send and receive information instantly as well as, thanks to the manipulators, they can perform cutting tasks, take samples of water or marine sediments, among others.

Official distributors of ARGUS ROV

Argus has been a manufacturer of electric ROVs since 1991 with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, submarine cable industry, aquaculture, and wind farms. They offer high-quality, innovative equipment and accessories.

Official distributors of DEEP TREKKER ROV

Deep Trekker is a Canadian Company. They believe in doing things right, and if for some reason something goes wrong, they say sorry and make it right.

Refurbished ROV adapted to your needs

We offer personalized advice and search into the market for refurbished ROVs according to your needs, plan maintenance and technical assistance.


Pipeline inspection

Pipeline inspection with experience personnel for any type of Subsea Pipelines.

We manage your project adapted to your needs that includes ROV and qualified personnel according to the industry.

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